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The Road of St. James is the Road of Life


This is one of the few spiritual guides of the Road of St. James (the ancient pilgrimage route to Compostela, in Spain) that can serve equally well to all kinds of pilgrims, from believers of any tradition to those who follow the trail for tourist or cultural reasons, because it focuses the spiritual teachings of this pilgrimage route from a broad perspective, not attached to religious views of one kind or another.

It consists of 164 short pieces composed of memories, thoughts, images, landscapes, tales and legends which take the reader through short readings to travel the hundreds of miles of trails that separate Pyrenees from Finisterre, the Spanish Lands End.

"A contribution of indisputable quality by the author of The Gardener and Beyond the Rainbow." - Diario de Caracas Newspaper (Venezuela)






13.25 €




El Camino de Santiago es el camino de la vida

Ediciones Obelisco


Those who have done the Road to St. James will feel fully identified with the stories, pictures and reflections in this book. But this work not only sheds light on the path of pilgrims to Compostela , but also for all those who know they are pilgrims in life.


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