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The Prince Who Sought Truth


A nagging question haunts the young Prince: What is Truth? What is the essence of Truth?

From this point, this brief story of medieval air plunges us into a search in which, consciously or unconsciously, every human being is debating: the search for meaning, for a certainty in our existence.

Archetypal characters glide across the pages of
The Prince Who Sought Truth: the young beggar, the pompous judge, the dogmatic archbishop, the hopeless prisoner, the dreamer artist, the ruffian of the tavern, the sarcastic jester ... each of them with their truth, each of them with their fears and needs.

A simple and beautiful book which will make the reader think about beyond the lines of a simple story.







6.00 €




El príncipe que buscaba la Verdad

Ediciones Obelisco


"There was only one point from which you could see all truths, and that point was in the very heart of Truth."


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