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The Looking Glass Spring


Second book of what its author intends to be a trilogy titled The Garden Cycle , The Looking Glass Spring is the sequel of The Gardener, but not a second part.

In the foreword, Grian says that he felt inappropriate to make a second part to his bestselling book. But beyond the character of the gardener, the garden still existed as a place of peace and learning, as a setting for some lessons that have their origin in the Life itself, from which the garden is its most beautiful expression.

So, without gardener, but with garden, apprentice and new characters, The Looking Glass Spring brings us back to the wisdom of simplicity, to the reading of the Great Book of the Sages: Nature. But this time without the gardener's keynote speech, but through the thoughts and images with which the narrative wraps us up, through the tenderness, humor, peace and surprise that travel along the garden paths.






7.50 €




El manantial de las miradas

Ediciones Obelisco


This is a book for those who lose heart at the harshness of the world, a book where the readers can take a peek to see once again the primordial purity of their eyes in the mirror of the spring .


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