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The Gardener


26 editions in Spanish (3 of them in Mexico). Translated into English, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Korean, Thai, Turkish and Latvian.

This is an inspiring collection of stories about a simple man and the wonderful garden he cultivates. Rich with beautiful images, these stories resonate with metaphors for human relationships -relationships with the living planet, with other people, with God, with life itself.

As the stories progress, the garden is revealed as a place for meditation and self-reflection, a place to find peace, and to enjoy the simple magic of the garden.

In the tradition of The Little Prince or Jonathan Livingston Seagull, these stories are simple in their approach, yet contain deep meaning. This magical collection of tales will appeal to all ages, and inspire anyone who reads them to a new awareness of the spirits of nature and the wisdom of the living world.

People of all ages have felt the spell of its pages, because this is a book that exudes a deep sense of peace. Perhaps that is why many readers keep it in their bedside tables, keeping it over time as their "Pillow Book".

This book was published in English by Thorsons - HarperCollins in 1998, and now is open for reprinting in English.

This book has a pocket edition in Spanish for high schools with an educational section for subject such as Literature, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion. For more information, click here.







8.00 €





El jardinero

Ediciones Obelisco

Illustrations by Flor Navarro


"The Spanish author Grian, in his book The Gardener -now in its 12th edition and over one hundred thousand copies sold-, creates a teacher to whom the unhappy come for advise." - Newspaper El Pais

"Often, simple metaphors can reveal great secrets that can help us to achieve happiness. Here, the gardener creates a garden open to all who seek peace and want to find himself, and answers all questions simply and with words full of truth."- Cuerpo Mente Magazine

"The Gardener is a lively and varied exhibition of hidden desires and good feelings that invites religious experience ... " - Newspaper Avui

"... The Gardener has all the ingredients to explode with a loud boom in the spiritual atmosphere with which transcends the end of the millennium." - Newspaper El Universal (Venezuela )

"... the author emphasizes his love to life, and offers the ability to face it with joy and hope. " - Newspaper El Sol del Mediodia(Mexico)

"...The Gardener, a simple work, but with a profound wisdom." - Urania Magazine (Venezuela) 




I love the simplicity and rythm of this book that speaks to my heart on many levels. This book is rich with short tales and reflections, a great tonic for the tired souls who need upliftment and inspiration. It can be read by anyone, alone or used as a book of reflection with friends and family. I look forward to reading other books by the author .” - In

" After reading this book i felt uplifted. A wonderful book, Grian writes in a unique way which inspires the soul and lightens the heart. A must read." -I n

" If you are tired of the 'how to become enlightened' books then this book is a refreshing change. The Gardener can be read by anyone, young or old at any time. The messages are poetic and simple in expression. This book can be compared to the works of Khalil Gibran. From its simple wisdom you can also read between the lines and gain new and fresh insights of the inner nature of man. An enjoyable read." -I n

"You should read The Gardener. You should try to get your hand on this book, written by a spanish writer called Grian. The book consists of short stories of about one page, allthough in a order. The book is filled with words of breathtaking logical wisdom, and is non-religious." -I n



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