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The Gardener

Pocket edition for schools and high schools

Pocket edition of the Grian bestseller, The Gardener, which has a special added here: an Educational Section, prepared by the author (Grian worked for several years as a school psychologist), with exercises perfectly matched to the subjects of Literature, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion.

The fact that this book was chosen as a required reading book in many high schools in Spain and Venezuela (one of them a Jewish high school), led the author to consider the possibility of facilitating the teacher's job by adding an Educational Section on his own work.

In short, a book especially recommended for reading in secondary schools.

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5.00 €



El jardinero - Edición de bolsillo para centros educativos


Illustrations by Flor Navarro


The Grian bestseller in a special edition for schools with an educational section adaptable for the subjects of Literature , Philosophy , Ethics and Religion.


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