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The Gardener

Published in 1998 by Thorson-HarperCollins. Now in e-book







“What must I do to discover happiness?” asked the beautiful young girl.  

            The gardener let out an innocent laugh. 

            “Don’t look for it,” he replied. 

            The girl was confused. 

            “How can you say that?” she asked somewhat irritated by his laughing. “Everybody looks for happiness...” 

            "...And very few find it...” interrupted the gardener, still laughing. 

            The impulsive young girl’s indignation was rising, and this did nothing but augment the man’s amusement. 

            “Look ...” continued the gardener trying to calm her. “Everybody is looking for happiness. Some look for it in the person they love, others in amassing money and goods, others in the attainment of their dreams... Everybody goes through life pursuing a dream to achieve, and when they succeed in it, they perceive a happiness which they believe will last forever. But, some time later the monotony and the disappointment return, and everybody looks again for a new dream to achieve, until they obtain it and they again fall into disillusion and so on.” 

            “You mean its not possible to find lasting happiness?” the girl asked him again. 

            “Oh, no! I didn’t mean to say that.” 

            “So, then, how does one obtain lasting happiness?” insisted the girl, visibly impatient. 

            The gardener made a gesture to her to calm down. 

            “It isn’t obtained,” he answered. “You cannot obtain something that has always been within you.” 

            “Gardener you’re going to drive me crazy. If I’ve always had it, how is it I don’t perceive it?” 

            “By any chance do you notice the flower you wear in your hair?” asked the gardener. 

            “When I stop to think about it, yes,” she answered raising her hand to the flower. 

            “By any chance don’t you realize how happy you were when you stop to think about your past?” 

            “Well... Yes...” she stuttered. “But ... .” 

            “Well, stop to think about the happiness you feel now,” the gardener interrupted her. “Everybody behaves like the man who spent the day looking for his glasses, to end up realizing that he was wearing them.” 

            “We’ve always been happy, but we only realize it when time has elapsed and the remoteness lets us see that experienced in its entirety.”  

            “Happiness has always been inside you, it has never left. Not even when life has made you go through pain and grief. You just didn’t see it, your stubbornness for finding it and for running away from hurt didn’t let you see it.” 

            “Pay attention to your life, to what surrounds you, to what you are feeling... and you will find that you are already happy, at this time, happiness forms a part of you, because happiness is like a green meadow where life spins its dances  of life and death, of love and solitude.” 


            And stroking the girl’s cheek, he said sweetly: 

            “Don’t look for happiness. If you want to look for something ... look for life itself.”



Ilustraciones de Flor Navarro

Illustrations by Flor Navarro

El jardinero, de Grian

 The Gardener - e-book edition


 The Gardener - HarperCollins edition

The Gardener - HarperCollins edition





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