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Grian A. Cutanda has a PhD in Education Sciences with International Mention from the University of Granada (2016), a master's degree in Innovation and Research in Education from the UNED (2012) and an university degree and a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia (1980). Currently, he is a member of the Research Group "Emerging Values, Social Education and Educational Policies" at the University of Granada.

Besides being an author of 14 books, Grian has worked as clinical and educational psychologist, radio broadcaster and sports psychologist in the Spanish and World Rally Campionships. In fact, he worked with the elite driver Luís Climent in the Opel, Citroën and Renault Spanish Teams, and in the Skoda World Rally Team, obtaining a Spanish Rally Championship in 1996 and a World Championship for Private Teams (FIA Cup) in 1999.

Being a translator of over a hundred titles for various Spanish publishing houses, Grian focused his work in recent years on social activism and education for peace and sustainability. He is the founder and director of the Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace, a Spanish NGO officially backed by Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former UNESCO's Director-General (1987-1999)

Recently, since the completion of his master in Education and the beginning of his PhD research, Grian has also been publishing scholarly articles related to his research in Social Education for peace and sustainability. (Here you can find a list of his academic publications.)

In his spare time, Grian has devoted much of his time to music, being part of two rock bands in the 70's, with which he would record two LPs, and a theatre company specialized in musicals, the Avalon Troupe, between 1986 and 2004. Moreover, he recently recovered his passion for rugby union, a sport he practiced from 1971 to 1984, coaching a rugby team in Spain between 2010 and 2013. 

Grian was born in Venezuela, being the second son of a family of Spanish emigrants, returning with them to Spain in 1964, at 7 years old. He has been living most of his life in the Valencian town of Requena, but currently has his residence in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 1996, Grian published his first book, The Gardener, which, without any advertising promotion nor media support, would become an international bestseller, being translated to English (HarperCollins), Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Catalan, Turkish and Latvian, and reaching 26 editions in Spanish (3 of them in Mexico). Later Grian wrote Beyond the rainbow (1998), The Rose of Peace (2003, foreword by Dr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza and Associate Book in the Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004), and Mahabbat (2005), among others.

The success of his books would lead him to spread his ideas and his vision of a new humanity through hundreds of lectures, conferences and workshops in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, United States and United Kingdom, as well as carry out new creative projects, such as a series of book-CD's on mystics of all cultures with the prestigious medievalist musician Eduardo Paniagua.

Grian lives in Scotland with his partner, Marta Ventura, and has a daughter, Diana (b. 1984), and two non-biological sons, Govinda (b. 1980) and Martí (b. 1998).

At Edinburgh, Scotland, in December 2013







"The truth is that all man is like the dancing lights and fiery shadows in a dark room of the house. The flames raise him to the clouds of his divine condition, at the same time that they create frightening shapeless shadows on the walls of the room. It is the double nature that we all take part in; the two masks that we all use in the theatre of life." 

Grian, in The Gardener



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Grian has worked in his books both fiction (inspirational books, short stories and novels) and essay, his work being deeply inspired by Nature, abounding in natural settings and landscapes, and including characters from Nature itself (such as Wind, Eagle or Oak, in his book Beyond the Rainbow). In his subjects, he speaks of a simple and direct spirituality, far from dogmatic corsets and unreasonable attitudes, to set out from here his views about a new world and a new humanity.

His prose is visual and descriptive, but not devoid of beauty and rhythm (sometimes to the point of becoming poetic prose), and has the peculiarity to dip the reader in a peaceful atmosphere that makes even easier the understanding of his life proposals.


On the whole, Grian’s books are easy to read despite the depth of his message, to the point that books such as The Gardener have become a part of the curricula of high schools in Spain, being a bedside book for many people around the world.

Perhaps one exception to this simplicity is his work Mahabbat, his more elaborated book; not only because his profound work of documentation, being a historical novel set in the 10th century Umayyad Cordova, but also because its deep literary style and its probably excessive depth of content.

Grian influences are mainly of a spiritual nature, a character that marks most of his literary and creative work. You can find signs of mystical authors and spiritual teachers such as Rumi, Ibn ‘Arabî, Anthony de Mello or Jiddu Krishnamurti, but also from psychologists and philosophers such as Carl Jung, Ken Wilber, Henry Corbin, Arne Naess or Karlfried Durkheim.

But, in his inspirational books, his literary influences are in the works of authors such as Gibran Khalil Gibran or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (even Rabindranath Tagore in his small incursions into the poetic prose), as well as in the writings of Anthony de Mello or traditional works of Sufism. This is evident especially in the resources he uses in his short stories, including the use of irony, satire and ambiguity. But Grian deals more with social issues and images of a higher world and humanity. 




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Photos by Julián Ortega, Javier Poveda, Nandy Jareño, Elena Pérez, Ana Pérez and Marta Ventura.